One-day (6 hr) workshop:

Deliver your teaching resources into classroom
Professor Alistair B. Fraser, Meteorology Department, Penn State University

A Web browser can be effectively employed in the classroom for the delivery of instructional materials. Doing so means that the same text, images, and interactive animations that were useful in teaching can be reviewed and explored by the student in the dormitory or home. This workshop will start by illustrating this approach by drawing on resources from a course taught in this way. Attendees will then learn how they can do it themselves. Initially, this entails the building of a classroom interface (using Frames and JavaScript). It then proceeds to the issue of how to provide effective pedagogical content. By the end of the workshop, attendees will take away a simple classroom interface and a knowledge of how to build elementary pedagogical animations for use in communicating ideas to students. Attendees who are already familiar with html and frames will find the workshop exercises less daunting.

An example of a course developed this way is found at Professor Fraser's home page is found at, which also contains a branch to an essay which discusses the philosophy behind this approach.

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